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2023 Annual CASA Conference – September 2023

Title: No Surprise Billing Act/Pricing Transparency Update: What to Know Overview: Business Management Breakout Session focused on current federal and state legislative & regulator landscape, the upsides and downsides for ASCs of recent legislation, ASC specific documentation required now and in the future, and opportunities to leverage pricing transparency for…

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2023 WASCA NW Symposium – August 2023

Title: Elements that Create Lasting and Productive ASC Management Partnerships Overview: In navigating the dynamic healthcare landscape, stakeholders in ASCs and physicians must comprehend current trends and their macro/micro impacts, underscore the importance of diligent research in agreements, and consider key factors when evaluating management organizations and partners.

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Beckers 28th Annual Meeting The business & Operations of ASCs – October 2022

Title: Baby Boomers to Gen Z: How to Inspire Team Greatness and Engage Staff Overview: Semi-Keynote panelist discussing generational similarities and differences in successfully driving improved staff engagement, performance, and retention. ———– Title: Hospital Ownership, Joint Ventures, Non-competes and More: Key Issues on the Horizon Overview: Semi-Keynote panelist discussing key…

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