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The Importance of Doing Your ASC Homework

When creating a new ASC, it’s vital to grasp your value, plan ahead, and thoroughly do your research. This podcast covers recent changes in the ASC landscape, important factors for stakeholders in ambulatory surgery, and the qualities of successful ASC partnerships. Becker’s Hospital Review, Published (May 2023) Venue: Becker’s Hospital…

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Opening an ASC: Navigating Payer Contracts

When developing a new ASC, strong payor contracts are essential. But you only get one chance to sign your first payor contracts, so make sure you understand your value, have a plan, and do your homework. This podcast discusses how to initiate payer conversations, positioning yourself to get the best…

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Thinking Outside the ASC Walls: Optimizing Clinical Operations

While many associate clinical operations with the hours a patient spends at the surgery center, true mastery involves understanding that the process starts well before and extends beyond. This podcast explores best practices in enhancing healthcare experiences by optimizing clinical operations, collaborating with physicians and staff, and tracking key outcomes….

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